This Temple is self-supporting through your donations alone. Your contributions allow the Temple to continue its programs and outreach. Any level of contribution is appreciated. (Donors are sent a tax receipt letter).

There are three easy ways to offer your financial contributions:

  • Automatic Bank Payment: You can arrange with your bank for an automatic monthly payment to be made from your account to Won-Buddhism of NC. 
  • Checks can be made payable to - Won-Buddhism of NC.
  • PayPal Donations: To donate, please click on the 'Donate' button below. 
    • Our Temple is charged a 3% fee for donations made through PayPal, so please consider adding 3% to cover this fee. Thanks you!   




You are also welcome to support the Temple by providing any of the following items on the Temple wish list:

  • Tea-light candles
  • Snacks for after meditation & special events
  • Electric hedge trimmers
  • Toilet paper/kitchen paper

Please look into your heart and see what you can give, to the best of your ability. Some of you have been regular and consistent supporters of our Temple and we thank you so much for your support!