The Won Buddhism Meditation temple is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We welcome all people interested in expanding opportunities for peace and happiness through many types of meditation and mindfulness training. In the spirit of open community, we welcome everyone, regardless of nationality, culture, age, gender/sexual orientation, or spiritual background. All programs are in English.

All Temple programs and services are held regardless of inclement weather or holidays. (We may doze, but never close!) 

Upcoming Special Events: 

Temple Etiquette

Practicing mindfulness is a gift that benefits our community. The following simple rules will help us to keep our environment clean and peaceful.

  • Please take off your shoes once inside the glass-enclosed Temple porch. If your feet are dirty, please clean them or wear clean socks.
  • Please wear clothing that is suitable for yourself and others for mediation practice (such as loose-fitting, non-revealing clothing).
  • If you arrive in the middle of silent sitting during a meditation service, please meditate in the foyer until the time of silent sitting has ended. 
  • Once you have joined a meditation service, please respect the practice of others by remaining until the end of the service.