Temple Gift Shop

The Temple gift shop is always open, and is especially enticing during the holiday season. Meditation clothing, handmade crafts, ginger tea, specialty tea, incense, prayer beads, and many more exciting treasures are available for purchase. We also have comfortable meditation cushions.

You may visit the gift shop anytime during the day by entering through the front door of the residence. Please knock or use the doorbell before entering to ensure that someone is available to assist you. All proceeds support our Temple’s programs and outreach work.

We are thankful for all of your support.

Buddhist dharma items: chanting CDs, books and journals, bells, bracelet prayer beads, incense, books, meditation cushions, paintings, calligraphy artwork on wood, wooden gongs, etc.
Homemade items: ginger tea (wintertime), rice paper cards, and other crafts
Tasteful and useful items: soap dishes, tea sets, acupressure mats, t-shirts, and more Korean crafts.

Now available! WonGong's Chants of Samadhi for Daily Practice CD!

Also available on CD Baby!