Our Reverends

Rev. WonGong So

Rev. WonGong So was ordained a KyoMooNym (dharma teacher) in 1994 after eight years of intensive training in Korea. She subsequently served in the Kang-Nam Temple in Seoul and the Rockville Temple in Maryland. As a pioneering  Won Buddhist priest in the West, she has established temples in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina. She guest-lectures at schools and colleges, directs a variety of meditation retreats and youth dharma camps, and provides cultural enrichment programs and life counseling. Rev. WonGong is a leading Korean-to-English translator of dharma teachings. She has been active within the international interfaith community and teaches meditation and dharma around the world to people of all ages. WonGong is a kind, compassionate, wise, and experienced teacher who also loves gardening and singing; she recently recorded an album, “Chants of Samadhi for Daily Practice.”

Email Rev. WonGong: wontemplenc@gmail.com


Rev. Ginger Lee

Rev. Ginger Lee was ordained as a Won Buddhist priest in 2006. During her novice training, she served at the Won-Buddhist temples in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Swaziland, Africa. Rev. Ginger completed her undergraduate training at YoungSan University, South Korea, and received her Master's degree at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia. In 2012, Rev. Ginger became the associate priest at the Won Buddhism Temple in Chapel Hill. Here, she leads temple services, meditation workshops, and dharma study groups. Rev. Ginger has 10 years of experience and training in Qi-gong and Tai-chi, and incorporates these forms of moving meditation into retreats and other programs. 

Email Rev. Ginger: NCwonbuddhism@gmail.com


Rev. April Park

Rev. April.jpg

Rev. April Park was born in Ohio and has been volunteering in temple communities in New York, Hawaii, Boston, and Korea since her childhood. After her study of sociology at the University of Hawaii, she entered a dharma path, receiving her undergraduate training at Young San University, South Korea, and her Master's degree at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia. In 2017 she was ordained as a Won Buddhist priest, and the Chapel Hill Temple, North Carolina is her first placement as an ordained priest. She looks forward to discovering her strengths as her practice and dharma work unfold.

Email Rev. April: aprilnctemple@gmail.com