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Chanting Workshop in Raleigh Center

Chanting Workshop (in April)

A 4-week series (Thursdays, 7:00-8:15 PM, April)


Chanting is a vocal form of Qigong. You become what you chant! Vibrational chanting is an effective technique for meditation and for the cultivation of well-being. In this workshop you will learn the basic technique and theory of chanting meditation. Various percussion instruments (drum, moktak, bells) will be introduced. Through chanting, your vocal confidence will grow and you will experience deep meditation. Each session includes Qigong exercises to open our vocal cords. This workshop is beneficial for everyone, regardless of previous chanting experience.

  • April 4th: Basic understanding about chanting; voice yoga

  • April 11th: Practice chanting in Korean and in English

  • April 18th: Experience the seamlessness between chanting and silent meditation

  • April 25th: Investigate the mind-body connection and learn sound healing through chanting

Please save these dates and sign up in advance.

-Sliding fee for this Workshop: $30-$50  

-Regular temple supporters: $15-$30

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