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Self-Transformation & Naming Ceremony

All are invited to this very special day! Children are also welcome!

Every summer in August, Won Buddhists in Korea hike to the mountains where the nine disciples offered their 100-day prayer. They hold a candlelight ceremony on the spot where this historical event took place. In tandem with this holy celebration in Korea, our spiritual gathering will take place at the Chapel Hill Temple on August 20th. On this day, we will celebrate and honor the sincere commitment of those undertaking this path and those continuing on the journey.

The historical background for this celebration day, “Miracle of Blood Seal”

In WonKi 4 (1919, year 4 of the Won Buddhist era), Sotaesan sent his first nine disciples to the mountains for 100 days of prayer and meditation. Towards the end of this series of prayer, Sotaesan asked whether they would be willing to sacrifice everything for the deliverance of all suffering beings. The disciples did not hesitate to say they would do everything in their power to fulfill this vow. To ratify their resolve, each disciple pressed his thumb on a sheet of white paper. Despite the fact that they used no ink, red thumb prints emerged. Sotaesan proclaimed this as proof of the disciples’ sincerity and faith. He endowed them with dharma names as a sign of spiritual transformation and rebirth. On this day of self-transformation, we celebrate the founding spirit of Won Buddhism by dedicating ourselves fully and without hesitation to the dharma of “no-self” and the vow to serve all.

Come and celebrate this special Sunday with us. Regardless of level of practice or experience, all are invited (including children age 5 and older). Festive refreshments will be served after the event!

The program will include:
- Storytelling, meditation, dharma talk, music
- Naming ceremony for Jeff Engle, Rupal Yu, Andrew Yu, Ani Yu (age 12), Ishaan Yu (age 7)


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