Self-transformation & Naming Ceremony

In WonKi 4 (1919, year 4 of the Won-Buddhist era), Sotaesan sent his first nine disciples to the mountains for 100 days of prayer and meditation. When they returned, Sotaesan asked whether they would be willing to sacrifice everything for the deliverance of all suffering beings. The disciples did not hesitate to say that they would sacrifice even their own lives towards this dharma devotion. To ratify their resolve, each disciple pressed his thumb on a sheet of white paper. With no ink, red prints emerged. Sotaesan proclaimed this as proof of the disciples’ sincerity and faith. He endowed them with dharma names as a sign of spiritual rebirth. We call this the Dharma Seal Day or Self-transformation Day. On this day, we celebrate the founding spirit of Won-Buddhism -- a willingness to dedicate fully, without hesitation, for the sake of dharma and all sentient beings.

All are invited (including children), regardless of level of practice or experience.