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Self-Transformation & Naming Ceremony

Self-Transformation & Naming Ceremony

(10-11:40 AM, Sunday, Aug. 26th, at the Chapel Hill Temple)

All are invited to this very special day! Children are welcome!


Every August, Won Buddhists around the world celebrate a day of self-transformation. This year, our spiritual gathering will take place at the Chapel Hill Temple. On this special day, we will celebrate practitioners who will receive their dharma name as a sign of their spiritual rebirth.

The historical background for Self-Transformation Day:

In the fourth year of Won Buddhism (1919), Sotaesan sent his first nine disciples to the mountains for 100 days of prayer.Afterward, he asked whether they would be willing to sacrifice everything for the deliverance of all suffering beings. The disciples immediately said, “Yes. We are willing to do everything in our power.” To show their resolve, each disciple pressed his bare thumb on a piece of white paper. Even though they used no ink, their red thumbprints soon emerged. Sotaesan proclaimed this as proof of the disciples’ sincerity and faith; he then gave them dharma names as a sign of their spiritualrebirth. On this day of self-transformation, we celebrate the spirit of no-self and vow to serve all.

All adults and children (age 5 & older) are welcome to this special Sunday (August 19th) celebration. Delicious refreshments will be served after the event!