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Belief, practice, and religion in the 21st century

3rd YoungSan University of Seon Studies International Seminar

Religion in the 21st Century

Won Buddhism Meditation Temple, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

A diversity of religious traditions and cultures characterizes today’s communities. How do we maintain our own religious identity while respecting our differences? This seminar will open a dialogue to reveal both common understanding and real divergence. The 21st century requires a process of learning both about the “other” and about oneself, so we may create bridges of understanding and dismantle walls of ignorance.

Our chief aim is to bring together multi-disciplinary young scholars working on the topic of religious beliefs and practices from historical as well as contemporary perspectives. Through a keynote presentation, Q&A after each speaker, and a final discussion at the end of the presentations, this seminar will provide opportunities to deepen our understanding of the relevance of religion in the 21st century.

Religion in the 21st Century Flyer

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