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Peace Meditate-A-Thon


With our silent meditation flowing through the day, we will cultivate peace within and let our intention for peace shine without. If you are planning to join us, please note the schedule below!

Meditate-A-Thon Schedule

 9:00- 9:25 Peace prayer

 9:25- 9:30 Transition

 9:30- 9:55 Silent sitting meditation

 9:55-10:00 Transition

10:00-10:25 silent sitting meditation

10:30- 4:30 silent meditation will continue to be

held every half hour.

4:30-5:00 final silent sitting meditation

Please use the five minute transition time for mindfully entering, exiting, and stretching. You are welcome to sit as many sessions as possible. Transitions will be indicated by the ringing of a bell, and at that time, you may mindfully enter or leave the dharma hall. You may alternate 25 minute sitting periods with 25-minute walking meditation in the temple grounds.  Please plan to stay for the entire length of each meditation period (25 min.) and drive in and out slowly.