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Great Enlightenment Day and Open House

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Great Enlightenment Day and Open House: 

Please mark your calendar for April 28th (10 AM, Sunday) for our biggest annual celebration. 

103 years ago, in the first light of dawn, on April 28, 1916, Master Sotaesan was enlightened to the Truth of the Universe. Won Buddhism was born on that day, and every year, we celebrate this day as our spiritual birthday. We also recognize the great enlightenment of all the buddhas and sages throughout history, and we honor our innate, buddha nature.

After his great enlightenment, Sotaesan said:“All things in the universe are of one spiritual nature. All dharmas come from one source. In this oneness, the principle of no beginning and no ending and the principle of cause and effect are mutually grounded on one another, creating the clear Truth.”

The program will include meditation, dharma sharing, music, and community lunch. Please let us know if you would like to contribute a dish for our community lunch for this day of celebration.  We look forward to celebrating this day with you and your family. Children are welcome!

Open House: 1:30 pm-5:30 pm

Continuing our celebration of Great Enlightenment Day, everyone is invited to stay for afternoon activities and delightful mini classes. Special features of this Open House will include workshops about meditation, Buddhism, Won Buddhism, Qigong, as well as tea ceremony. 

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