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Autumn Festival & Open House


Exciting programs, neat dharma items, and live music offered! Please mark your calendar for this annual community festival!

Volunteers needed for preparations beforehand, sales booths, and clean up, as well as anyone who can help tidying up our gardens before the event. If you can volunteer for the day, please fill out the box below.

Featured Sale Items: 

  • Korean food (Korean pancakes, dumplings)

  • Ginger tea and Korean tea (lotus leaf, wolfberry, puer, green tea)

  • Meditation clothing and meditation cushions

  • Prayer beads and incense

  • Moktak (wooden gongs) and singing bowls

  • Handmade rice paper cards

  • Wooden plaques, pottery, and traditional Korean crafts

  • Dharma books and more

Proceeds will go to the Temple’s Outreach Fund.

Open House Mini-classes (every 30 minutes from 11 am-5 pm):

•    Meditation class
•    Introduction to Won-Buddhism
•    Give chant a chance
•    Qi-gong class
•    Tea Ceremony

Bazaar Volunteer Sign up: 

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Please check your available time slot. You can check more than one time slot. Staying for 2 hours would be appreciated, or if you can stay for a specific time, please make a note below. *