Guidelines for Student Visits

We appreciate students’ interest in our Temple, and welcome you to visit us.  The suggested donation per student for any program you are joining is $5. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when arranging a visit or researching assignments:

  1. Before contacting us and before visiting, please read the specific information about our Temple and Temple etiquette so that you can better understand our purpose and functioning.
  2. We offer introductory classes to Won Buddhism;  consider attending one of these classes, which explain the history of Won Buddhism and give an overview of its beliefs. The class also offers you an opportunity to ask questions and perhaps conduct a brief interview with one of our practitioners. It is not possible to provide detailed written responses to lists of questions about Won Buddhism or the Temple. 
  3. You are encouraged to attend a dharma or meditation service, since Buddhism is rooted in practice as much as academic inquiry.  Please respect others' practice, especially during the 20-25 minutes of silent sitting, and remain until the service is completed. You may take notes during the dharma talk. Please wear loose-fitting clothing for your comfort.
  4. If you wish to take photographs or videos, please make arrangements in advance with one of our priests.  Taking photographs during meditation or dharma services is not encouraged, since it is distracting to the practice of others.  If you plan to use photos in any publication, note that it is necessary to obtain permission from anyone shown in the photos.