Raleigh Won Buddhism Meditation Center

2816 Pleasant Union Church Rd., raleigh, nc 27614

The Won Buddhism Meditation Center in North Raleigh sits in a quiet wooded parcel of land in the Fall's Lake area. Join us at 2816 Pleasant Union Church Rd. for meditation.  Teachers (Rev. WonGong, Rev. Ginger and lay teachers) support all levels of practice with gentle instruction and dharma talks. We have some cushions and chairs available or you may bring your own. No experience is necessary and walk-ins are welcome. Come and explore something calm and special within you.


Dharma & meditation - Sunday evenings, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Our Sunday program includes meditation in many forms: movement, sitting, lying down, and chanting. This program incorporates contemplation and discussion on a dharma teaching facilitated by experienced and compassionate teachers. Please note that our Sunday Dharma & Meditation sessions (5 PM) will continue regardless of holidays.

All are welcome to nurture insight and equanimity here. Please arrive 5 minutes early to enjoy our Qigong exercise. Loose-fitting clothing is highly recommended.  Before the session, you are welcome to a meditative stroll in the Temple woods. Our Temple is completely self-supported through your love offerings. We appreciate your generosity.

Thursday Evening Workshops (7:00-8:15pm)

 April: Chanting Workshop (a 4-week series)

Chanting is a vocal form of Qigong. You become what you chant! Vibrational chanting is an effective technique for meditation and for cultivating well-being. In this workshop you will learn the basic technique and theory of chanting meditation. Various percussion instruments (drum, moktak, bells) will be introduced. Through chanting, your vocal confidence will grow and you will experience deep meditation. Each session includes Qigong exercises to open our vocal cords. This workshop is beneficial for everyone, regardless of previous chanting experience.

  • April 4th: Basic understanding about chanting; voice yoga

  • April 11th: Practice chanting in Korean and in English

  • April 18th: Experience the seamlessness between chanting and silent meditation

  • April 25th: Investigate the mind-body connection through chanting

Please save these dates and sign up in advance.

  • Sliding fee for this April Workshop: $30-$50  

  • Regular temple supporters: $15-$30

  • Drop-ins: $10 for each class

 May: Guided Meditation Workshop (a 5-week series)

  • May 2nd: Guided Meditation with Nature

  • May 9th: Guided Meditation for Thought Release

  • May 16th: Guided Meditation in Inner Smiling

  • May 23rd: Guided Meditation for Gratitude

  • May 30th: Guided Meditation for Loving Kindness (Metta)

June/July: No Workshop

August: Qigong Workshop (a 5-week series)