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Mountain Retreat 2019

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Bathing in silence - meditating in the mountains

April 6 (Saturday) - April 13 (Saturday)

Led by Rev. Wow!Gong

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at Southern Dharma Retreat Center

We are thrilled to share next year’s week-long retreat schedule at the Southern Dharma Retreat Center, located on the shoulder of the Smokey Mountains!

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Come and experience truth— the truth of our own nature!

This retreat offers opportunities to practice meditation at rest and in action. Our aspiration is to experience the truth of our own nature. In Won Buddhism, our true nature is symbolized in the image of a circle. Retreatants will observe noble silence with sitting, movement, dharma contemplation, journaling, DahnJon abiding, and lying-down meditation. The retreat includes group and individual teaching and sharing. You will also enjoy ample free time for hiking or rest. The programs are geared to develop equanimity, insight, and mindfulness through the four stages of Timeless Zen Meditation. Step by step, you will receive practical guidance for meditation, Qigong/Tai-chi, and various breathing techniques. In the spirit of community, all retreatants should arrive on time and stay through the mid-day meal on our final day.

In harmony with Won Buddhism’s belief in the interconnectedness of all things, we will practice outside (as weather permits) to receive the vital chi-energy of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Through tuning and balancing the energy of our bodies and minds, we will cultivate a calm awareness and let the light of our true nature shine.  Come and rest in Samadhi and sculpt the great masterpiece of the “True I” in deep stillness!

Won Buddhism is a modern, eclectic form of Buddhism, originating in Korea in 1916. Its founder, Sot’aesan, envisioned a practice that emphasizes equality among all economic groups, races, and genders—and between priests and laity. He believed that great enlightenment is possible without removing oneself from the everyday world, and that practicing Gratitude and the Threefold Study (Cultivating Equanimity, Wisdom, and Mindful Action) leads to individual awakening and transforms the world into a Paradise.

Rev. WonGong (also known as Rev. Wow!Gong) started her training in 1988 and was ordained a KyoMooNym (dharma teacher) in 1994 after seven years of intensive training in Korea. She subsequently served in the Gangnam Temple in Seoul and the Rockville Temple in Maryland. As a pioneering Won Buddhist priest in the West, she has established temples in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina. Wow!Gong guest lectures at schools and colleges, provides life counseling, and leads retreats, youth dharma camps, and cultural enrichment programs. She has been active within the international interfaith community and teaches meditation and dharma to people of all ages.  Wow!Gong is a leading Korean-to-English translator of dharma teachings. She is a kind, compassionate, wise, and experienced teacher who also loves gardening and singing; she recently released the CD, “Chants of Samadhi for Daily Practice.”

Later Event: August 5
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